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Subject: Inside the Pentagon

"Dancing with the Stars & Stripes" Military Leadership and Decision Making in the Pentagon
Doing Business with The Pentagon: The Insider's Guide
JCIDS: The New Language of Defense Planning, Programming and Acquisition
Subject: Leadership Development
"The Colonel's" Guide to Developing and Improving Leadership and Decision Making Skills
Fly Like an Eagle: Strategies to Increase Personal and Professional Effectiveness
Building Campus Leaders: Developing and Implementing A Values Based Approach

A Tale of Two Generals: Lessons in Corporate Leadership


Subject: Military History
The Frontlines of History: War Stories from the Middle East
Flight Path to Iraq, 1980 - 2005: A Personal and National Journey
From Battlefields to Airfields: Building Air Bases in Iraq
From the Cold War to the Global War on Terrorism: The Transformation of the U.S. Air Force
When the Giant Planes Come:  The Story of the C-5 Galaxy


Subject: American Pride and Patriotism


America's Helping Hand: Impact of the U.S. Military Around the World
America's Amazing All-Volunteer Military Force


Independent Defense Veteran Speaks Out


Have you ever wondered how decisions are made in the Department of Defense, or how leadership styles and personalities shape national security and defense policy making?  Do you want to do business with the Defense establishment, but can't comprehend the complex processes and working relationships within it?


Greg Cook is a former U.S. Air Force Colonel and an expert on U.S. military operations, Department of Defense decision making processes and leadership. He provides a unique, insider’s perspective on serving in the U.S. military and working in one of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring buildings in the world – the Pentagon.


Greg's dynamic personality, keen analytical skills, and no-nonsense, practical approach to problem solving catapulted him through the ranks of the U.S. military and into the inner circles of the nation's defense leadership. From the bureaucratic battlefields of the Pentagon to the skies and front lines of Iraq, he built a reputation of competency and success throughout the Department of Defense. Greg is now engaged as an analyst, speaker, author and consultant providing expertise on national security, military operations and leadership issues.


During his 25-year military career, Greg flew global airlift and air refueling operational missions, commanded Air Force operational units at the squadron and group level, and completed three top-level Pentagon staff assignments in the building's infamous E-Ring. He attended the nation's most prestigious military schools.


Advisor to the Nation's Defense Leaders


Throughout his career, Greg developed personal and insightful relationships with the nation's top military and civilian leaders in the Pentagon, and saw firsthand how information is gathered, processed and coordinated for decision making at all levels of defense leadership.   He worked as a staff officer developing military requirements and programs, served as aide-de-camp to the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff and acted as Deputy Director of Protocol to the Secretary of Defense. At the Pentagon, Colonel Cook dealt directly with senior defense leaders on the full range of strategy, policy, planning and programming matters. From these experiences, Greg understands innately how leadership styles and personalities shape national security issues, defense policy making, and the nature and conduct of U.S. military operations across the globe.


His military career culminated in a position as Chief of the legendary Studies, Analysis and Gaming Division in the Joint Staff J-8 Directorate. Working from a Top Secret vault in the basement of the Pentagon, he personally led in-depth studies, analyses and exercises for the nation’s highest-ranking military and civilian leaders. Many dealt specifically with national security policy and force issues related to the war in Iraq. 


Decorated Combat Veteran, Military Leader and Commander


Greg is a command pilot with nearly 4,000 hours of flight time in airlift, air refueling and trainer aircraft. He commanded global strategic airlift missions in the giant C-5 Galaxy during the Gulf War, flew air refueling missions enforcing the No-Fly Zone over Northern Iraq, and transformed captured airfields into functional air bases during the early phases of the war in Iraq. He commanded two Air Force operational squadrons as well as an operations group - one that received the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Valor under his leadership. Awarded a Bronze Star for ground combat actions in Iraq, Cook is also a decorated veteran of the Gulf War and a host of other military operations worldwide.


National Security Expert

In addition to his Pentagon and operational assignments, Greg graduated from several advanced military educational programs dealing with defense and national security issues. These include both the Marine Corps and Air Force Command and Staff Colleges, as well as the Air War College and the prestigious National War College in Washington, DC. Greg possesses academic degrees in Political Science, International Relations and National Security Strategy, and is a sought-after authority and speaker on national security, defense and leadership issues. Greg also writes articles for national military journals and provides commentary on a range of defense subjects.



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